Within the celebration of the Jubilee of the 100 years of the Fátima apparitions in 2017, the Men Branches existing in Portugal-Aveiro and Lisbon- have dreamt about the hypothesis of organizing the 1st World Meeting of Schoenstatt Men.

 The first questions to be answered were where and when would it take place.

 In what concerns the date we have agreed on the 31st of May because of the historic importance of the date as the third mark of Schoenstatt and to match with the month where the jubilee of the 100 years will be commemorated.

 As for the place, our choice was easy, since Aveiro has got the best conditions for an event of this nature to be held, as it can be easily inferred by the photos.

The objectives which should format all the programme of our Meeting are:

Get to Know



 We have looked for our Meeting’s motto in the conference that our Founder Father as given to the Men’s Branch on the 18th  June of 1966:

Schoenstatt Men new forgers of the future

Having all this in mind we could draw the Meeting’s programme which we present.

We also enclose the link which will enable you to access to the enrolment paper to the Meeting

United in covenant we will wait for you.

28th May 2017( Sunday)

 14h30m  Reception of the participants in Lisbon at the Restelo Shrine 

16H00m   Sending Mass

18H 00m  Departure to Aveiro

 Reception and dinner

29th May 2017 ( Monday) – Get to know

07h 45m  Morning  prayers

08h 15m  Breakfast

09h 00m  Welcome and Opening session by Father Carlos Alberto 

09h 15m   Presentation of the delegates of the diferent countrie (20 minutes perparticipant)

                                             Germany / Argentina / Chile

10h 30m  Coffee Break

11h 00m  Spain / Paraguay / Portugal-Aveiro / Portugal-Lisbon

13h 00m  Lunch

 14h 30m  Touristic visit to different places in Aveiro

19h 30m  Holy Mass

20h 30m  Dinner
22h-24h  Worship


30th May 2017 ( Tuesday)- Form and Plan

07h45m  Morning prayers

08h 15m  Breakfast

09h 00m Opening session by Father Herbert King followed by debate, with the participation
of all the delegates.

10h 30m - 11h 00m Coffee Break

Morning – Conference on the 31st May – several panels presented by different countries and spokesmen. Debate on the conference  

      13h 00m Lunch
    14h 30m Theparticipants will be divided into groups of work to discuss common projects within the Motto of the Meeting.Presentation of the conclusions of thedifferent groups.
      16h 30m  17h Coffee Break
      19h 30m  Mass
      20h 30m  Dinner at restaurant in the beach.

31st May 2017 ( Wednesday)

07h 45m Morning prayers

08h 15m Breakfast

09h 15m  The bishop of Aveiro D. António Moiteiro presides the 31st of May Holy Mass in the Shrine of Aveiro.

11h 00m Departure for fátima

13h 00m  Lunch in Fátima

    14h 30m   visit to Fátima

18h 00m  Return to Lisbon / Aveiro